Our Mission

For over a decade our core mission has been to drive profitable growth through a relentless commitment to superior customer service and uncompromising quality. Our approach is rooted in the strategic deployment of technology and process-driven systems, aimed at redefining industry standards and establishing our portfolio companies as benchmarks of operational excellence. By leveraging automation and innovative business models, we aim to magnify efficiency across all facets of our operations, ensuring that each venture under the Odabi umbrella not only leads the market in its respective domain but also sets new precedents for how businesses can achieve scalable and sustainable growth.

Our business model is centered on the principle of transforming economic resources from lower to higher yield areas, a strategy that underpins our every investment and business development initiative. Through this, Odabi Inc. is committed to not only achieving significant revenue growth but also to enhancing the value we deliver to our customers and stakeholders. Our focus on automation, coupled with a deep understanding of the industries we operate in, allows us to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve the overall quality of our products and services. This operational philosophy ensures that Odabi Inc. remains at the forefront of innovation, setting new standards in efficiency and profitability in the business world.

What We Do

Odabi merges sustainability with data analytics to innovate and grow platform businesses, ensuring eco-friendly practices and data-driven decision-making. Our focus is on profitable growth, exceptional customer service, and high-quality solutions. We leverage green technology and strategic insights to provide outstanding value and drive progress in the platform business sector.

How We Operate

At Odabi, our operational ethos is built on flexibility, adaptability, and a streamlined approach to organizational structure, underpinned by core policies and procedures that guide our actions. This framework empowers our diverse team of business model innovators, brand strategists, UI/UX designers, and engineers to collaborate effectively, selecting teammates based on skill and synergy. Our culture encourages autonomy and innovation, providing a robust playbook of proven strategies to address challenges and optimize performance. As a collective of highly motivated and visionary individuals, we pool our talents and resources with a shared goal of achieving sustainable success and contributing positively to global progress.


“A highly developed values system is like a compass. It serves as a guide to point you in the right direction when you are lost.”
― Idowu Koyenikan


Sustaining a high level of performance quarter over quarter.


Providing a transparent environment of teamwork and trust.


Appreciating the value of each team member and client.


Putting plans into action and seeing them through to the end.


Embodying proper moral temperament, even if nobody is watching.


Inspiring boundless confidence in what can be accomplished.


Bringing a portfolio of quality companies to service the market.


Cultivating and nurturing a network of clients, and strategic partners.

Socially Conscious

Being a responsible corporate citizen by producing zero emissions.


Being a highly effective, lean, and fast-moving organization.


Operating from the income of our assets and not the capital of our shareholders.

Think Big

Small goals yield small results, thinking big yields impactful results.

Portfolio Companies

A Poem for All Entrepreneurs


The road to success is paved with tests,

So you’ve got to believe in yourself above the rest.

Dream big, and let your passion shine,

If you don’t, you won’t end up with a dime.

Challenge the status quo, disrupt the market and say YES!

And remember that innovation is an endless quest.

Don’t forget to change business for good,

If you want to change the world then you should.

If you think with your head and listen to your heart,

I promise you’ll get off to a flying start.

Make bold moves, but always play fair,

Always say please and thank you – it’s cool to care.

Do what you love and love what you do,

This advice is nothing new.

Now, stop worrying about whether your business will be a hit,

Rise to the challenge and say ‘screw it, let’s do it!’

Richard Branson

Our teams take every detail seriously, from the seed of an idea to the reality of a working concept, and finally to development and realization. We believe in excellence and incorporate that work ethic and craftsmanship into all our innovations. Our client’s vision is in the soul of our projects.